My main passion from the time I was 16 years old until present day is collecting music. I started with music from the sixties & seventies, not just the classics but getting deeper into all kinds of obscurities, rarities, psychedelic & progressive gems from that era and more. I also dwelled deeper into the spirit of the sixties, reading a lot of band biographies, cult sixties literature like Tom Wolfe’s “The Kool Aid Electric Acid Test”  and Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” and watched lots of sixties & seventies film footage. At that time I had about 1500 cd’s and about 150 lp’s. It was also in those days that I played my first gigs as a dj and organized my very first flower power parties. Later, other genres caught my eye and my musical taste evolved to a very eclectic breed of styles: etnical / world music, jazz, blues, classical, folk, electronic music, reggae and so on. Since I had so many music I wanted this music to get reproduced in a decent manner. So my high end audio story began!