I still remember the words of Serge and the first audio advice he ever gave me when I first went to Alpha High End Sound & Vision: “What you need is a decent cd player and a decent DAC”. So I did some research about what actually was a DAC and came to the conclusion I could upgrade all my digital components (television, dvd-player, cd-player, laptop) just by adding this piece of equipment in my setup. So once again Serge was called to the rescue.

As a first starter and according to my very limited budget at the time he said that nothing could beat the Musical Fidelity V-DAC II. Of course in those days there were much better DAC’s, but they came at a much higher price. But for starters the Musical Fidelity V-DAC ii served me very well. My first impressions of having a “soundstage” got enhanced and the sound got more overall  clarity. Later I learned that the V-DAC II could sound a bit lean & soft compared with better DAC’s but for the time being the Musical Fidelity V-DAC II served me very well.

Actually I think many of us audio adepts in the digital domain started out with a very basic first DAC to begin with. Since the V-DAC II when it came out got promoted as a “bargain deal” & best first step into digital/analog conversion, I believe many of us audio adepts with a limited budget bought the V-DAC II as a soon to be high end boy’s first toy.