HIFI Opinions: say what?!



Yes, you read correctly! We’ll offer you HIFI OPINIONS about all the audio gear & music mentioned on this site. And why would we be giving you an opinion instead of an objective review or article? Well, we just don’t claim to have such objectifying powers! We like high end audio & music a lot and as our experience grows so will this site and so will our reviews & articles. But franckly, we think objectivity is very difficult to obtain when listening to music or when displaying high end audio gear for review..

We are all unique individual beings and that’s what makes the world such a diverse and interesting place. We all have had our very own personal experiences in life, we all grew up in very different environments, were stimulated by different aspects in life, developed certain tastes over the years, have our very own unique image of ourselves, the others and society as a whole.

The same applies for high end audio participation. We all experience this in our very own personal way. That’s why no pair of ears is alike. That’s why we all like different brands of audio equipment. That’s why we all like different aspects of the sound. That’s why we all like different genres of music. That’s why this site will offer you “hifi opinions” rather than objective reviews.

Why hifi opinions?

With the creation of this website we want to make our passion for music and high end audio reproduction more visible. Because in this hobby there’s always new stuff around the corner, and the deeper you dwell into the realms of high end audio reproduction, the more fascinating it gets and the more there is to learn. So why not share this learning curve with the rest of the world?

That’s why we’ll be sharing with you all kinds of audio related articles, some of our own creation, some linked from other websites. We’ll also be giving you our own hifi history.

In the future we’ll be as well giving you independent reviews about components, based only on our own findings, and not in any way endorsed or paid-for by a brand or a company. Unlike how most hifi and high end magazines get there money, we are just volunteering, wanting to share this passion with you, giving you these hifi opinions.

Furthermore we’ll supply you with general information and basic understandings about hifi and high end audio, like for instance how to properly set up your system, room accoustics, finetuning tips & tricks and more.

And last but not least, we’ll share with you what makes our passion complete: the music and the performers themselves. Because the most important reason why all of us are in this hobby, is not our installation but are the musicians and their music.

All this content will be based on personal experience with the subjects. As this experience grows, so will the content of this site. So, keep on reading!

Higher end or “THE END”?



Once a friend told us after obtaining a certain brand of reference active studio monitors for his home audio system: “This is not high end. This is THE END!” We are now a couple of years later and indeed, he still uses the same audio equipment and he didn’t upgrade even one little aspect of his setup, apart from the updates offerend by his speaker brand company. And to tell you the truth: in the past this guy used to spend the value of several years of income on high end audio equipment and still wasn’t satisfied. What a blessing this must be, right? Finally finding your “sound”, the audio system of your dreams, the ultimate high end audio setup where you never again have to wonder if it could sound better or not. Finally cured from audiophilia nervosa.

Well, rest assured because that’s what we will offer you! All articles are written only for that reason: finding your ultimate audio dream system. We want to share with you all the sweet sounding audio components the hifi and high end audio world has to offer: new and old ; budget friendly or more exclusive ; past, present & future.

Music comes first!


hifi opinions cd collectie

Although many audiophiles tend to focus on their audio system (and it’s limitations) instead of the artist’s performance or the song, we believe that the main focus of any audiophile or music lover should be on the music itself. That’s why beside the reviews & articles about highend audio gear found on this website we will also offer you information and articles about artists, do album reviews & bring you other music related matters. We believe that music comes first & hope you do too!  🙂



keep it simple stupid

For the moment the main writer of this website is also the website owner, the website administrator and the website designer. We try to offer you this website according to the K.I.S.S. principle: “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”. We like things simple, organized & structured so you as a reader can easily find your way.

If for any reason you experience any kind of trouble with this website, if you have any questions or if you just want to say hi, please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact us by e-mail: info@hifi-opinions.com

Enjoy this website as you enjoy your music! 🙂

Musical greetings,

Dries Van Hooydonck