The Anne Bisson Blue Mind album, which is a true “audiophile reference” for nearly a decade, is recently remastered on 15 rps 2-track reel-to-reel tape. Remastering is done by Bernie Grundman while tape transfer is taken care of by tape guru Ki Choi.

The Fidelio LP that got famous in audiophile circles and is sold exclusively by Elusive Disc, was originally mastered by Kevin Gray of RTI/Acoustech from the original recording’s files while the reel-to-reel version was produced two at a time by Ki Choi from Bernie Grundman reworked 30-ips AES master tape.

More info on this release, with an in-depth article on the remastering proces of the album and a comprehensive comparison with the other currently available releases of the album can be found in this article on Positive Feedback.

Anne Bisson Blue Mind Reel-to-Reel remastered

Anne Bisson Blue Mind tape version

Anne Bisson Blue Mind tapes are available for the exuberant amount of 600 US dollars.

For the dedicated audiophile this is only pocket money, but for some of my down-to-earth friends it is worth more than their complete audio setup!

The tapes can be bought directly on her website:

cd & vinyl version

If you are more price conscious: the cd or vinyl version of “Blue Mind” sound quite astonishing as well.

If you want to reserve your copy of this audiophile reference album, see the link below:

Buy “Anne Bisson – Blue Mind” on Amazon.

Enjoy! 🙂