Audiophiles & summer

Audiophiles & summer, not always the best combination. There are audiophiles out there – the ones with the very persistent character, the ones with that little neurotic tendency, the ones that don’t have a clue about what’s going on beyond their scope of 20.000 euro speaker cable – that don’t live in summer. They rather prefer sitting in their darkened home theatre or windowless man-cave listening rooms while temperatures outside have risen beyond 35 degrees celsius, when skies are nothing but blue & all normal people are spending their time outside as much as they can. But then again, audiophiles are a sick bunch of people, aren’t they? – we already wrote an article about the subject which you can read here. No reason to repeat ourselves now, do we? does like summer & spending time outside. Therefore the sweet spot is not occupied at the moment and reviews postponed until temperatures drop. Meanwhile we give these hard headed audiophiles some alternatives, a chance for them to go outside, if they are up for the task. We can understand that this task might be difficult: giving up their comfort zone inside might cause panic attacks or agoraphobia, their pale white skin might need some time to adapt to the sun, they might even suffer from sun burns. Unregardless of any side effects caused by audiophilia, here’s a list of 3 items we think might get those locked-in-house people outside, while still remaining faithful for what they cherish the most: audiophile toys to play with!

Audiophile Summer fun!

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Outdoor Rock - audiophile summer fun

Klipsch AWR-650 SM Outdoor speakers made from a Rock

These Klipsch outdoor speakers are built inside real rocks – sandstone or granite depending on your taste. They can completely disappear in the surroundings of your garden and might be the ideal way for the locked-in-house audiophile to finally trade his sweet spot in the listening room for the beauties of his garden. These audiophiles might think they are not anywhere near high end. But for 300 euro per piece, what is?


iSplash floating pool speaker

iSplash Floating Pool Speakers

Ideal for a dive in the lake nearby, a visit to your local swimming pool, or showing off at your friend’s pool party next Saturday! For only 33 dollars you can order this gadget on Amazon. Not to be sold by your local high end audio dealer I’m afraid.

studio total sphere - audiophile summer fun

Studio Total Audio Orb

In a configuration based on the Micasa Lab Cocoon, the Audio Orb by Scandinavian creative lab Studio Total and is the first spherical speaker users can actually go inside. Within the plexiglass volume, the structure houses an array of 18 mounted “high-fidelity” speakers, outputting a rich and full spectrum of sound. completely outfitted with “tempur-pedic” pillows that adjust to the shape of your body. The limited space of the sphere also blocks almost all noise coming from the outside. But our quest was to search motivations for hard-headed audiophiles to leave the comfort zone of their listening room and spend some time outside in summer. Unfortunately, this “sphere” solution will not do, since the user will still remain “inside”. But all efforts are worth a try.

Final words

Final words on the subject: enjoy summer! I think I’ll go for a walk in the park when this article is published. Looking for spheres. Or audiophiles for that matter. Might be a real challenge… 🙂