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Website creator and administrator of & Music affectionado & cd/lp collector since the age of 16. Sixties/Seventies DJ since the age of 20. While his music collection grew so did his hifi system & knowledge, step by step digging deeper into the world of high end music reproduction.

Tini van den Broek

Tini van den Broekauthor, component reviewer

When you’re a music lover with a feeling for technique, you are bound to take the path of audio equipment. When I could change this hobby into my profession back in the seventies, the hifi virus definitely got me.

As it is with audio equipment, I had to take some steps myself to end up in the higher segment of hifi. Once I arrived there I persevered some 15 years in this branche.

In those 15 years I was able to learn a lot and got the opportunity to gain a wide scala of beautiful listening experiences. I always tried to translate the value of these experiences to the customer as honest and as decent as possible. My reward was not the monthly paycheck, but the mouth-to-mouth publicity and satisfaction of the listener.

Meanwhile my field of expertise is IT but the love for music remains and sound reproduction is still a major interest, with musicality and price/quality ratio on top of my list.

When I was asked to write articles for I started thinking: What are readers waiting for? What can I tell them that is worth the effort of struggling with all these words? I didn’t find a conclusive answer, but one thing you can expect of me is an opinion. This opinion is not at all associated with financial or commercial purposes and is always open for debate.

Enjoy reading our articles and feel free to comment.

Tini van den Broek

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