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"Audiophilia nervosa" is a condition almost every audiophile at a certain point gets confronted with, because in the hobby of the audiophile the main goal is to create the best possible conditions to reproduce music, by all means necessary: toe-in the loudspeaker that extra milimeter, put another plug on a power cable, couple or decouple yet another component, after this alteration better again listen to that one "test" song (by now you really had it with this song, but hey, it's got "audiophile" quality), maybe buy that expensive loudspeaker that got raving reviews in the "trade press", to afterwards come to the conclusion the loudspeaker was not the issue, but the amplifier was ("how the hell will I be able to explain this financial blunder to my wife, let alone persuade her into buying myself a new amplifier"). Do these things sound familiar? Then by all means: read on!

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