EAR 834p phono preamplifier

The EAR 834P phono preamplifier of Esoteric Audio Research is still regarded as a classic. This preamp was first developed in the ninetees by Tim de Paravicini, who became a legend thanks to his designs. About twenty years later, the EAR 834P is still sold by the manufacturer in its original form, which proves the high level of this preamp. In the current market the EAR 834P remains a convincing candidate for anyone looking for a decent preamp, even if the price tag has been risen to a higher class than the first time it hit the market.

The EAR 834P uses 3 ECC83 valves ; RCA in- and outputs ; standard available for moving magnet , optional for moving coil ; optional volume control so the preamp can be hooked up directly to a power amplifier ; standard black finish, optional deluxe chrome.


Since this product has been around for more than twenty years, numerous reviews have been written about the unit. We give you a small selection:

The performance of the EAR 834P phono stage combined the strengths, weaknesses, and colorations of classic high-end tube gear. As one would expect, the EAR thus excelled at re-creating the inner detail of good recordings, and was adept at extracting the delicacy, the subtle nuances of well-recorded unamplified instruments. Along with inner detail came agile reproduction of transients, but without a trace of hardness. – Robert J. Reina, Stereophile 

Read the full article: http://www.stereophile.com/phonopreamps/797ear

Overall I really enjoyed listening to this unit. Not to be redundant, but for me, the EAR 834P landed in that fine ground between detail and music-making. It delivers high value for the dollar based on its performance. Yes there are units that in some ways outperform it, but at two to three times the price. The question for me would remain: Does the price of some more-expensive phonostages really translate into more LP enjoyment? To my ears (no pun here) the 834P makes more music than the phono stages in some $3k preamps I’ve listened to. So for those of you who want to get serious and want something better than the entry-level stuff but don’t have serious money, the 834P requires a listen. Besides, you can take the cash you’d spend on a more-expensive phonostage and buy more vinyl. – Tony Favoglia, SoundStage!

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