Ayre Acoustics P-5XE phono preamplifier

Do you own a decent analog setup and are you looking for a reference phono preamplifier? Then the Ayre Acoustics P-5XE phono preamp might be what you are looking for. This phono preamplifier was realeased about 10 years ago but remains a reference in its price range.

Some specifications of the Ayre Acoustics P-5XE phono preamplifier: fully-balanced from input to output ; zero-feedback design with ultra-low noise discrete FET circuitry ; balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs ; adjustable gain to accommodate very low to high output cartridges ; patented Ayre Acoustics Conditioner power-line RFI filter.


Here’s what Jason Thorpe of Soundstage! has to say, with mere praising words to describe this beauty:

“Missing are noise, glare and tonal aberrations. Even more important, in place of any noise, the P-5xe substitutes a velvety black background and a complex, harmonically correct presentation.” – Jason Thorpe, SoundStage!