Acoustic treatment: “a must-have”

One of the most challenging aspects of high end audio reproduction is getting your room acoustics right. Therefore, acoustic treatment is a “must-have”. I’ve heard +100.000 euro worth of audio equipment which sounded completely awful just because of the room they were set in. Now, that’s what I call a waste of money! Why invest in such an expensive audio rig when it can’t reproduce music the way that it should?

Because I strongly believe in optimal acoustics in regards to high end audio reproduction, I will be posting more acoustics related articles on this website in the future. For now, I would like to share with you some articles regarding acoustics and optimal monitoring information written from the perspective of the professional recording engineer. Since the basics of monitoring and room acoustics are the same for monitoring as they are for high end audio reproduction these articles can serve the dedicated audiophile with a great deal of information.

Dr. Paul White & Sound On Sound

Paul White_SIA - JPG - Fit to Width_144_trueDr. Paul White is a Professor of Statistical Signal Processing in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) and is currently the Director of that Institute. Having obtained a BSc in Mathematics in 1985, Paul moved along the south coast to Southampton to undertake his PhD at the University of Southampton, becoming a lecturer in ISVR in 1988 and was awarded his Chair in 2004. Dr. White has published a vast amount of articles regarding the subject of room acoustics and professional monitoring. Dr. White is also the co-author of the “studio SOS book”, regarded by professional recording engineers as their “holy bible”.


acoustic treatment

Here’s a set of five theme articles which appeared in Sound on Sound magazine from juli 1998 until november 1998 and in which dr. Paul White provides a great amount of information about the subject of practical acoustic treatment:

As a surplus here’s the “studio SOS guide to monitoring and acoustic treatment”, published by dr. Paul White in SOS magazine in february ’06:

And finally I want to share with you the article “Room For Improvement: a guide to DIY studio acoustics”, published by Paul White & Hugh Robjohns in SOS magazine in december ’07:


Enjoy your reading! 🙂