Here are some pictures of my current audio setup, the best I can momentarily obtain with my current audio budget, slowly progressing into a “higher end”.

Disclaimer: high end audio reproduction costs money. is not responsible for any damage done to your partner, family or friends by obtaining higher grade components. We cannot be held responsible for any reduction of your funds by reading this article or watching this website. If audiophilia nervosa or upgradentitis strikes, please consult an audio doctor near you for immediate treatment.


current setup

My current setup – side view


Fostex Laboratory Series 600 power amplifier

Retro Fostex Laboratory Series 600 power amplifier – used as monoblocks


Fostex Laboratory Series 600 side view

Fostex Laboratory Series 600 – monoblocks side view


Floating Systems Voice - Center speaker

Floating Systems Voice – center speaker


Audiophile PC

Audiophile PC & music server – silent operation thanks to Streacom case & decoupling of internal components – intel core i5 – SSD – Paul Pang Red Sata cable, Paul Pang Pico PSU & Paul Pang USB card


Rega Apollo cd player

Rega Apollo cd player


Thorens TD 124

Fully revised Thorens TD 124 with Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge, Cardas headshell cables and RCA conversion kit


Clearaudio Virtuoso

Clearaudio Virtuoso cartridge


Model 3009 Shure SME tonearm

Model 3009 MK II improved Shure / SME tonearm


Mytek 192 stereo DSD dac

Mytek Digital 192 stereo DSD dac


DIY hifi rack

DIY hifi rack & Marantz AV8003 audio/video processor & preamp – used as stereo preamp & 7.0 surround processor


Fostex Laboratory Series 600

Fostex Laboratory Series 600 used to drive surround speakers & Fostex Laboratory Series 300 used to drive center speaker


Accuphase E-205

Accuphase E-205 used to drive surround back speakers


love cable

All RCA-, XLR-, phono-, SPDIF-, speaker- & power cables handmade by love cable