“Lipinski L70 active loudspeakers in my living room are so addictive!!”

This is what I posted on Facebook the moment I had setup these beauties in my living room and listened to them for a couple of days. And further I added:

“Everything sounds as it is supposed to be. So natural, transparant, accurate, what a timing, resolution, control, ease,…. No wonder… They are the only active loudspeakers in the world with a pure class A operation, no capacitors in the signal path, completely analog, so no DSP to fuck things up (but regrettably common practice in much more expensive designs…. )

These speakers are made by Andrew Lipinski, a reference audio engineer, producer and loudspeaker builder. He worked with John Dunlavy loudspeakers until Dunlavy passed away and the company stopped. Andrew was not satisfied with any of the current loudspeaker designs so decided to make his own working instrument. Andrew Lipinski has the best trained ear in the world, as tested by The U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology. They recognized Andrew Lipinski’s outstanding hearing abilities. He was the only individual to receive a 100% score on evaluation of phonographic recording, rated 1:1000 chance among pro audio professionals.

These speakers rank amongst the best speakers in the world. To be honest, I’ve never heard anything better, and I’ve auditioned A LOT of loudspeakers and amplifiers in my life, costing much more than this pair…. I’ve never heard something like this. Andrew Lipinski knows how to build loudspeakers. I’m VERY happy. You’re all welcome for a listening session. If you didn’t here lipinski, you didn’t hear anything yet… :-)”

This enthousiasm I posted on Facebook is still the same today. These are amazing loudspeakers. The first time I heard them many years ago, at the home of Noël Coquet – my friend who is working very close with Andrew Lipinski – I fell in love with these loudspeakers.  I’m glad that I could finally add them to my setup…

Lipinski L70